Venturing ahead in the Philippines: Our journey in Davao

Venturing ahead in the Philippines: Our journey in Davao

Papyrus Acting CEO, Daniel Schmidt, has shared some exciting news from his recent trip to the Philippines. Alongside Engineering Manager Peter Rostig, Papyrus had the privilege to commence prefeasibility work to review the viability of establishing a production facility in the promising Davao region.

What makes Davao ideal for Papyrus

Abundant plantations and access to waste material: The region boasts ample large plantations, providing easy access to the raw materials for our process.

Strong community support: All business and community members we engaged with supported the project idea which elevates employment and regional capabilities.

Proximity to an export hub: The project can be situated close to a significant export port, ensuring streamlined logistics and distribution.

Availability of skilled labour: Access to a skilled labour pool, vital for our envisioned production facility’s success.

“The plantation waste perfectly aligns with our Papyrus process, offering an ideal resource for our operations. We experimented with the cableway system prevalent in the Philippines and other collection methods, confirming there is a variety of viable waste collection methods available – an essential aspect for our operations,” said Mr Schmidt.

Del monte plantations and operations have a similar structure globally so insight and the feasibility model can be easily applied to their main operation in Costa Rica as well.

“Both Peter and I are indebted to Omar Navarro and the Del Monte team in the Philippines for generously taking the time to support the visit and work we needed to do for the feasibility study. We would not have been able to achieve half of what we did without them,” continued Mr Schmidt.

Looking ahead, Papyrus’s focus now shifts to diligently completing the feasibility studies for both Philippines and Costa Rica. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to navigate this exciting phase. Together, we’re paving the way for a sustainable future while making significant strides in our history.