Papyrus’ technology converts banana plantation waste into a refined fibre that can be used to produce a range of environmentally friendly, commercially viable moulded food packaging products including trays, plates, cup holders, egg cartons and clam shells.

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Environmental Impact

Sustainability is our business.

On average, a hectare of banana plantation produces 220 tonnes of waste annually and there are approximately 11.7 million hectares of banana and plantain plantations worldwide. Banana plantation waste including trunks, stalks, leaves and rejected fruit emit considerable methane gases when left to decompose which is harmful to the environment.

Papyrus Australia has established a chemical-free process of converting this abundant agri waste into products. Not only does this reduce the generation of methane, but it also creates products that are sustainable alternatives to plastic and forest wood.

We are pioneers in sustainable practices. Our diverse team of world-class experts is dedicated to creating economically viable, practical and sustainable solutions that address the requirements of industry and consumers.

We are proud to meet the criteria of an environmentally sustainable manufacturing process, which in turn helps us to address the needs of today while ensuring we preserve opportunity for future generations.