Papyrus Australia reaches a key milestone under its contract with Egyptian Government

Papyrus Australia reaches a key milestone under its contract with Egyptian Government

Papyrus Australia, developer of sustainable technology that converts banana plantation waste into fibre and biodegradable food packaging products, is pleased to announce it has reached a key milestone under its contract with the Egyptian Government.

Following 6 months of fabrication, assembly and testing, the banana fibre moulding line is now in transit to Egypt. The equipment will be used to convert raw banana fibre into pulp for the sustainable production of food packaging products.

Papyrus Australia signed the landmark agreement with the Egyptian Government’s National Authority for Military Production (MP) to establish the first of its factories across Egypt to convert banana plantation waste into useful, sustainable products in October 2022. This agreement is significant due to the substantial environmental benefits it will achieve and the international recognition it brings to a sustainable Australian-borne innovation.

With over 70,000 acres of banana plantations in Egypt, the nation produces more than six million tons of agri-waste per year. Currently in Egypt this waste is unused, costly for the industry to dispose of and contributes to high levels of methane emission as it breaks down. By adopting the Papyrus technology to process banana plantation waste, the industry will not only be making use of materials that would otherwise have gone to waste but will also be preventing significant CO2 equivalent emissions, rendering Papyrus’ technology critical in addressing this national waste issue.

In the process of reaching the point of shipping readiness, Papyrus Australia has also completed the following key milestones.

Equipment Completion and Acceptance Testing: The fabrication, assembly, and factory acceptance testing for the equipment under the contract has been successfully completed passing all testing requirements.

Final Equipment Payment Milestone: Papyrus Australia has fulfilled its commitment by making the final equipment payment milestone to the equipment fabricator. This payment signifies the completion of the financial terms associated with the equipment delivery as part of the Egyptian Government contract.

Upon the equipment’s arrival and formal handover to the Egyptian Government, Papyrus will receive the first payment milestone, in accordance with the terms of the contract.

The team in Egypt are now finalising site preparations in readiness for the arrival and installation of the equipment.

This first shipment of equipment will form the basis of the production line for one banana plantation waste processing facility. Papyrus’ modelling, based on its demonstration facility in Sohag, shows the potential for up to 40 banana plantation waste conversion factories in Egypt.

Papyrus Chairman Edward Byrt commented on the significance of the milestone.

“We are thrilled to see our years of hard work come to fruition with the shipment of equipment for the Egyptian Government’s first processing facility.

“This is a major milestone for our company and the environment. We are excited to bring our innovative technology to the marketplace and start making a difference by developing Egypt’s green industry.

“Our technology has the potential to revolutionise the banana industry by turning a major environmental problem into a commercially viable opportunity. Given the high volume of banana plantations in Egypt, we believe our technology and partnership with the Egyptian Government has the potential to make a significant impact on the global environment,” he concluded.