Papyrus invited to attend United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27)

Papyrus invited to attend United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27)

Papyrus Australia is pleased to announce the company has received the significant invitation to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference, commonly known as COP27, from 6 to 18 November 2022.

Not only is the invitation noteworthy recognition of the considerable environmental benefits offered by the Papyrus technology, it also provides the opportunity for Papyrus to showcase its technology on a global platform. With 2022 marking the 20th anniversary, the COP27 event will be hosted in the green city of Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt and is expected welcome over 35,000 delegates and over 2,000 speakers.

“Papyrus Australia has developed unique technology that has the potential to change the face of agriculture around the world,” said Managing Director Ramy Azer.

“By harnessing globally available banana plantation waste, our innovative technology positively contributes to climate change objectives in three significant ways.

“First, by using banana tree fibre that would have otherwise gone to waste, our technology reduces significant greenhouse emissions, such as methane, that the agri waste generates when left unused.

“That waste is then converted into sustainable, biodegradable food packaging, which in turn lessens the demand for harmful plastic products.”

In addition to being given a stand in the Green Zone to showcase its exclusive technology, Papyrus Australia has also been invited to participate in side events and working groups to support the Egyptian Government’s, ‘Global Waste Initiative, 50 by 2050’ which aims to increase investment in waste management ecosystems and recycling capacities such as Papyrus’.

The invitation to attend COP27 follows the formation of a strategic partnership established between Papyrus and the Egyptian Government earlier this year which will see Papyrus establish a national industry to retrieve, process and repurpose banana plantation waste as part of the Government’s national waste retrieval and repurposing program.

“We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to present our work at the conference in November and to discuss how our innovations can assist Egypt’s government to achieve the United Nations climate change targets,” continued Mr Azer.

“We are eager to share our work with other attendees and presenters and to uncover the opportunities our work might bring in securing a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.”

“Innovative businesses like Papyrus Australia are setting a new standard in the drive towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly future with the achievement of climate change goals,” concluded Mr Azer.